FW: s+b Exclusive: Superior Customer Service Makes Business Sense

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 The Luxury Touch
by Robert Reppa and Evan Hirsh

Chicago, April 3, 2007 — According to a recent survey conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton, superior customer service is what separates good luxury goods and services companies from great ones. Companies known for their customer satisfaction, such as Nordstrom, Ritz-Carlton, and Lexus, use a rigorous process to instill a customer-centric philosophy in all levels of the organization, and systematically train and reward employees to focus on keeping customers happy. A customer-focused model can also translate into business success: Each customer-centric company consistently outperformed its peers, even during years when the industry as a whole suffered. Once customers have grown accustomed to high levels of service, they are often willing to pay a premium for it and tend to remain loyal to the brands that provide it.

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