OMMA Behavioral Coming Up…

Mediapost’s OMMA Behavioral is coming up mid-July…looks very promising; I’m expecting to attend!

  • Tacoda founder (and one of my former bosses from RealMedia) Dave Morgan is opening it up – very fitting!
    • Unrelated but Dave wrote an interesting article in AdAge about the communal consumption of video a few months back. See The End of the Shared Media Experience? (AdAge): “Media’s past was anchored in content people consumed at the same time in the same place, such as movies in theaters, or at the same time but in different places, such as shows on TV and radio and news in papers and magazines. Media is now shifting more and more toward an on-demand future.”
  • Joe Andrieau is also going to be there on the data portability panel…should be very interesting…OpenSocial in the context of advertising.
  • Keynote is being given by Omniture’s Josh James – an interesting albeit non-obvious choice. Omniture’s management has expressed interest in redefining “behavioral” for their on site multivariate Test & Targeting package (acquired in Offermatica and a UK-based company). Most of the industry sees this as an offsite challenge.

At’s Online Media program it was both.