SVASE Digital Media: Building a Business with Social Networks

Downloadable excerpt from SVASE: Digital Media: Building a Business with Social Networks


The Panel:

  • Patrick Chanezon, API Evangelist, Google

  • Jyri Engestrom, Entrepreneur, Google and Co-founder, Jaiku

  • Konstantin Guericke, CEO, jaxtr and Co-founder, LinkedIn

  • Ramu Yalamanchi, Founder and CEO, hi5

Moderator: Trevor Cornwell,Founder, Embarkons, Inc


  1. Patrick from Google discussed the concept of socializing objects; people gathering around something.
  • question later came from an engineer of how this works with object-oriented programming…(no joke).
  • Find opportunities using “Chain on Pain” mentioned as a helpful and applicable Guy Kawasaki-ism.
  • Naming…just add “ster”, e.g. Jobster, Dogster, Jaxtr, etc…
  • Konstantin thought it key to build value in the product, enough for people to pay for…
  • Jyri brought up a question that prospectice investors ask, that entrepreneurs ought to ask themselves…”What is your Unfair Advantage?”
  • Some prescient advertising insight offered by Ramu in the Q&A
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