OMMA Behavioral

All told great sessions held at Hotel Nikko, SF.

Some random observations:

  • What short memories marketers have. Total obliviousness to the four other companies that preceded the Behavioral 1.0: Neural Applications, HNC Aptex, Nestor Interactive and Trivida.
  • Somebody threw out $775 MM in BT spend this year. Where does this number come from?
  • Good session by Brent from Omniture about “antici-pointment.” That is Omniture-speak for the messaging disconnect from ad to click to landing page.
  • Where else can you hear the word, “Inchoate” used 3 times? Not at @dtech.
  • Eric from 33Across mentioned the need to re-use a la lead gen, users that expressed interest but didn’t follow-through to conversion.
  • Frost from Collective/Predictify talking about agencies having their own database of behavioral profiles.
  • Budgeting 15% of spend for optimization of campaigns.
  • The “Social Media Advertising Pile-On”

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