Journalism: Live by the Sword…

…well, you know the rest.

Great piece by Shelly Palmer in the Jack Meyer’s Report on innuendo and rhetoric against facts in the online media world.

Several great examples of journalism and big media failing terribly to get it right – makes you wonder. Journalism and the Media are notoriously unaccountable for getting it wrong.

With the “cat out of the bag” on user-generated content, Journalism is up in arms.

Traffic and truth online are not necessarily related (really?).

Curiously, the M-word is not mentioned though. Online, the network effect of memes on reality is only becoming more powerful. With the proliferation of broadband Internet and software tools, faux news like the image of Sarah Palin with a machine gun and the viral ad (by Gatorade) of the the ballgirl leaping 1o’ straight up for a catch are only going to accelerate.

More troubling is that more recent example about Governor Palin and CNN support the notion of journalist and media biasin the Bernard Goldberg sense of the word.