Aaron Lynch Mystery Ends, He Passed Away

If you found this page from entering his email: aaron@thoughtcontagion.com or aaron@mcs.net heads-up. 3 years and one month later – better late than never. I just learned that Aaron Lynch the author of Thought Contagion had passed away a few years ago.

Aaron was a phycist by training but really ahead of his time with his own ideas about memetics. I was introduced to him by my old boss from Louisville-based Military Channel (the original in ’98). When I saw his site and realized he was in Chicago, I contacted him and we met up with him for dinner on one visit and staid in touch. Aaron’s work hit on alot of what anecdotally worked in various viral marketing projects that I’ve been involved with – his work was very accessible.

Aaron and I last spoke over lunch at Charlie’s Ale House in Lincoln Park, Chicago back in June 2002 after I had returned from RealMedia. It was after 9/11 and he shared some new projects with me including 1) Sexually-Transmitted Beliefs, 2) Consulting work he was doing for the CBOT or Merc Exchange and 3) A hush-hush project that involved the government.

The Coroner’s Report stated that Aaron Lunch died from an accidental overdose of painkillers . He was laid to rest in Homewood Gardens, Illinois.