25 Hottest Articles from Business Horizons

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25 Hottest Articles from Business Horizons

  1. Corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and financial performance: Lessons from finance • Discussion

  2. The market within: A marketing approach to creating and developing high-value employment relationships

  3. China’s outward foreign direct investment

  4. The evolution of corporate social responsibility • Discussion

  5. The power of business models

  6. What leads to cultural intelligence?

  7. Social entrepreneurship: Key issues and concepts • Discussion

  8. Blogging: A new play in your marketing game plan

  9. Socially responsible entrepreneurs: What do they do to create and build their companies?

  10. Global leadership success through emotional and cultural intelligences

  11. Building a capable organization: The eight levers of strategy implementation

  12. Corporate social responsibility: Doing well by doing good

  13. Lean, take two! Reflections from the second attempt at lean implementation

  14. Strategic corporate social responsibility as global brand insurance

  15. MIRR: A better measure

  16. Positioning Southwest Airlines through employee branding

  17. Innovation and efficiency: It is possible to have it all

  18. Saying it like it isn’t: The pros and cons of 360-degree feedback

  19. Lessons learned from renewable electricity marketing attempts: A case study

  20. Unprofitable customers and their management

  21. The value of human resource management for organizational performance

  22. The landscape of social entrepreneurship • Discussion

  23. Using product design strategically to create deeper consumer connections

  24. Ownership structure and the diversification and performance of publicly-listed companies in China

  25. The new value imperative for privately held companies: The why, what, and how of value management strategy