Round up of Do Not Track News

Snowed in?

I am…so feed your paranoia or revel in the latest regulatory threats from DC bureaucrats and the Bobby Rush’s of the world.

    Ad Groups Granted Extension To Comment On Do-Not-Track (Online Media Daily | MediaPost)
    Firefox Web Tool to Deter Tracking (Wall Street Journal)
    Mozilla offers do-not-track tool to thwart ads (Deep Tech | CNET News)
    Google Offers Privacy Plug-In for Chrome (ClickZ)
    Google and Mozilla Announce New Privacy Features (Media Decoder | NYTimes)
    Firefox and Chrome Add ‘Do Not Track’ Tools To Their Browsers (ReadWriteWeb)
    Mozilla, Google Take Different Paths Toward Privacy Protection (paidContent)
    Mozilla, Google Take Small Steps Toward Browser Privacy (GigaOm)
    Will Do-Not-Track Become Law This Year? (Daily Online Examiner | MediaPost)
    Privacy Insiders Weigh In on FTC and Commerce Reports (Future of Privacy Forum)
    Rockefeller Eyes Online Privacy, Consumer Protection Issues (Adweek)
    Senate to Hold Hearings on Online Privacy (Adweek)

From the nice people at the Online Publishers Association: