homeValence RIP

homeValence.com is being retired. Launched in 2006, it was an innovative Web site that represented a bold idea for monitoring residential home appreciation; unlike Zillow, homeValence set out to use national HPI data and eventually broker opinions to drive valuation…there was also a neat hook into Facebook Connect to share updates.

With the meltdown of the residential real estate and appraisal industry, other priorities quickly eclipsed the site’s need for updating and ongoing development.

The concepts are still solid so it may re-emerge at some point!

  • Dang, I am too late!

    I like the concept. A major problem in my state (MT) is that we do not disclose the sale price of real estate. Real estate agents can work together to keep a private database a la MLS, but that is only available to those who are licensed in the state(as far as I know) and pay to become a member of the association. The sales prices, especially the averages and per sq ft, that Zillow and Trulia have for MT homes is so far off it is almost comedic.