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Pandora IPO Media Coverage Redux

Hmmm…do any of them actually know what they are talking about?


CIMA Spring Social (attendance is limited)

Please join us for the 2009 CIMA Spring Social on Thursday, April 23rd at Rockit Bar and Grill.

View looking East from Wacker Drive in March 09

The festivities start at 6pm sharp and we have rented out the entire place. CIMA will be offering 2 1/2 Hours of Unlimited Domestic/Imported Beer, House Wine, Soda, Special “CIMATINIS” and Heavy Passed Appetizers. This event is for members and non-members! Please renew your membership or become a new member today for a discount on the event! Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone so the first 500 people to sign up will be admitted.

Won’t be able to attend this one but looks worthy…

The fuzzy math behind digital’s value –

Interesting take…no mention of the comparative cost of online publishing compared to TV and print.

How can 20 million online users be worth less to advertisers than 1 million print readers? Welcome to digital’s ongoing struggle to decide whether superior ROI and engagement capabilities are worth ad rate equality.


Coming Soon…Blast from the Past

A 1995 classic: New Media and The Role of the Agency; submitted but hitherto never published.

From my Streams Online Media Development days. The study looks at the challenges facing ad agencies during the rise of the Web as a commercial medium. Back in the Web 1.0 days when things were different…actually, alot of this is still true.

OMMA Behavioral

All told great sessions held at Hotel Nikko, SF.

Some random observations:

  • What short memories marketers have. Total obliviousness to the four other companies that preceded the Behavioral 1.0: Neural Applications, HNC Aptex, Nestor Interactive and Trivida.
  • Somebody threw out $775 MM in BT spend this year. Where does this number come from?
  • Good session by Brent from Omniture about “antici-pointment.” That is Omniture-speak for the messaging disconnect from ad to click to landing page.
  • Where else can you hear the word, “Inchoate” used 3 times? Not at @dtech.
  • Eric from 33Across mentioned the need to re-use a la lead gen, users that expressed interest but didn’t follow-through to conversion.
  • Frost from Collective/Predictify talking about agencies having their own database of behavioral profiles.
  • Budgeting 15% of spend for optimization of campaigns.
  • The “Social Media Advertising Pile-On”

Check out OMMA Behavioral Raw blog

MP3s Coming soon…

Dueling BT Banjos…

Interesting exchange between Bennett Zucker and Bill Gossman about who came up with the term “behavioral targeting”.

The roots of BT technology go deep…the 2nd wave firms (Tacoda, RSI, Blue Lithium, 247RM) have certainly hit a nerve with online marketers. One nettlesome caveat is the pernicious patent problem associated with it.

After extensively using the tools myself at (247RM’s flavor), publishers now have plenty of control, much better reporting and control interfaces; the results have been impressive in clickthrough and conversion rates.

The question is does BT scale?

Neural’s OptiMatch had a unique approach!