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History of Web Analytics…Annotated.

Most history of Web analytics postings and stories routinely cover Analog by Dr. Steve Turner a rather simplistic log file analyzer. Others mention i/Pro, netGenesis, Interse, NetCount and WebTrends.

What they often miss is Lilypad, a marketing and adertising oriented Web-based analytics application. Lilypad was developed by Streams Online Media Development in 1995 and announced in the Falle of 1995. Unlike most of the other technical log file analytics tools, Lilypad was original in that it focused on promotional measurement. Importantly, Lilypad utilized its own database of activity and was coded in Perl leveraging server-side inludes the predecessor to JavaScript page tags.

Lilypad was programmed by James Allenspach under my direction during dowtime in-between client projects. Dave Skwarzek and I worked to brand and promote the product in  way that marketers could appreciate. A seminal offering by a scrappy Web boutique start-up to be sure, Lilypad was influential as an early site metrics tracking application:

If you are doing research on the history of site analytics, digital media tracking or online media measurement, you can learn more about Lilypad here.


Coming Soon…Blast from the Past

A 1995 classic: New Media and The Role of the Agency; submitted but hitherto never published.

From my Streams Online Media Development days. The study looks at the challenges facing ad agencies during the rise of the Web as a commercial medium. Back in the Web 1.0 days when things were different…actually, alot of this is still true.

Memetic Marketing & Social Media

A collection of interesting stories that I’m digesting around social media and related technologies: