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Control Your Ad Preferences!

With all the hub-ub from the New York Times, WSJ, gubment (including former Black Panther and Chicago’s very own Bobby Rush) and consumer fanatics you must be growing VERY concerned. For your handy reference below is a list of major consumer settings panels where you can adjust your advertising preferences that is actually much easier than correcting information on your credit report.
  • Blue Kai – by far the most interesting. Plenty of behavioral ad targeting fodder in here. Also, you can really see the presence of offline credit ratings companies busily creating a whole new revenue stream off you; interesting that because it is just as creepy yet harder to see.
  • Exelate -not as behavior dominated but many interest categories.
  • Lotame – fairly innocuous interest and sub-interest categories with observed behavior.
  • Google – comprehensive interest-based; no observed behavior.
  • Microsoft – another comprehensive list of interests; no observed behavior
  • Yahoo – fairly deep interest profile; no observed behavior.
  • Safecount –  totlly different with no behavioral segments but plenty of ad creative and sites you’ve been to; no interest preferences here.
If anyone has any other suggestions for the above list, please drop me a line!

If you really don’t want advertising tailored to you and you can set your NAI opt-out cookie and then get lots of irelavant ads – enjoy!

Also, in case you were looking for a Flash cookie control panel to view and/remove such locally stored objects:

Last, don’t be evil and enjoy your new Google Toilet ™!